Sourdough Bread Storage

Semolina Sourdough Bread | Artisan Home Bakery in Carlstadt, New Jersey

We recommend all our bread lovers to keep their breads in the paper bags like the ones we delivered our breads in or plastic storage bags on your countertop for 2-3 days. We recommend you slice the rest of your bread. Then put them in ziploc or vacuum bags and store them in the freezer. You could keep all our freshly baked goods in the freezer upto 3 months. They will taste like “the first day” when you reheat them.

Storing baked goods for a long time in the refrigerator is not recommended since this would make them dry and potentially alter their taste. Please read our More About Sourdough for detailed information about storage and keeping sourdough bread fresh.

A toaster, your stove or even the grill are considered to be one of many options to warm up all our sourdough breads, bagels and croissants before you enjoy them.

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